The Alabama Land & Water Report (ALWR) posts links to news and research concerning the relationship between Alabama’s built and natural environments. We are concerned for the health of Alabama’s natural resources, as well as the health of the Alabama people who live, depend, and recreate on our state’s diverse landscapes and waterways. The purpose of ALWR is to collect, organize, and concentrate Alabama’s many environmental impact issues into one simple blog, thereby underscoring the need for a stronger conservation ethic state-wide.

ALWR seeks out newsworthy environmental stories from all corners of the state and of a wide range of interests: economy, commerce, recreation, industry, community, religion, government, policy, history, environmental justice, biodiversity, boating, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, water conservation, land conservation, forestry and silviculture, timber markets, wildlife management, real estate and land use, stormwater management, urban environments, utilities, alternative power, renewable resources, farming and agribusiness, environmental education, and much more.

If you know of a story you think we should post, you can reach us through our contact page.